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Residencies and Collaborations

Residencies and collaborations with other artists are a delightful part of my arts practice. They encourage me to learn new things, to hear about new ways of working, to make new connections and to meet new people. I especially enjoy residencies in more unusual places where you don't necessarily expect to meet an artist. Residencies can bring so much to a place; a new level of interaction or engagement with people, a reason to visit a place or to have a new piece of work created for a space. 

I am always happy to discuss residencies and artist collaborations. Contact me to discuss your ideas and suggestions.

Watch This Space Skipton 

Watch This Space was a fascinating residency, in which four artists were given a residency in an unusual venue, that you wouldn't expect to find an artist in. My residency was in On Trend Boutique, a ladies clothes shop near the canal in Skipton. We were to respond to our environment; what we heard, saw and felt. 

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Image taken by Juliet Klottrup


Dene within a Dene Artist Collaboration

This collaboration was with Harry Man a poet and author from the North East. Harry and I had met at a previous event and wanted to explore each others working methods and respond to each others work in some way.

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Tudor House Museum

This year long residency was to explore the vast and unusual history of the building and to tell the story in an exhibition of textile artwork.

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