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Caring for Textiles and Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any considerations when deciding where to display my textile art?

As with all artworks, textiles are likely to fade when displayed in direct light, especially sunlight. It's advisable to choose a spot out of direct light and if  framing the work to choose UV resistant glass. 

It's best to avoid spaces where temperatures alter dramatically as this can weaken the fabrics over time - some of the artwork states not suitable for damp or humid rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens. This is because the materials used for these works are particularly sensitive to dampness. 

Are there any framing considerations?

If framing textile artwork it always best to go to a professional framer as the work will need to be laced to stay taught and acid free boards need to be used. It is important that a gap of at least 0.5 centimetres is left between the artwork and the glass to prevent build ups of damp, condensation and mould. 

If the work will be displayed in a lit place consider using UV resistant glass. 

What is the best way to clean unframed textile art?

Any unframed artwork will, over time, collect dust and textiles can be a bit daunting to clean. The first thing is to never use cleaning fluids or water as this can stain or damage the fabrics. For larger pieces pop a sock or foot of a pair of tights over the end of a hoover attachment and use this to vacuum the dust off. The sock or tights prevents the artwork being damaged by the hoover. 

For smaller pieces of textile art or for hard to get to places use a round tipped paint brush to gently sweep the dust away. 

It is best to display textile art where it is unlikely to be affected by spillages - on the wall, on a shelf or in a cupboard. 

If you have any questions about caring for textile art brought from me please feel free to contact me. 

Occasionally, there are wearable art pieces for sale on my website - these are suitable for hand washing and ironing from the back. These come with instructions on how to care for them. 

How will my new textile art be packaged?

The opening of any artwork should be a fabulous experience! My artwork comes wrapped in beautifully printed tissue paper, with information about each piece, a hand written note and in an outer box with my logo on - this make my artwork an ideal gift too. 

All artwork will be packaged carefully to arrive with you in pristine condition. Aligned with my values of caring for the environment packaging will be made from recycled materials and will be able to be recycled or composted. 

Larger and more fragile pieces will be wrapped in paper bubble wrap and may be protected further with shredded card or other recyclable fillers to protect them on their journey to you. 

Collection of artwork is welcomed from either Saltburn by the Sea or events that I am attending, simply message me to arrange this. 

I'd like to buy artwork, cards or kits as a gift - can you post directly to the recipient?

Of course and I can add a hand written message to if you would like. Leave a note in the box at the checkout page with the name and address details of the recipient and any note you would like included. 

I would like a bespoke piece of artwork - do you take commissions?

I am happy to take commissions when possible; commissions are a fantastic way of having a piece of artwork created just for you or a loved one. I only take those commissions that align with both my values and arts practice. My commissioning process is simple and transparent - it starts with a video or phone consultation for us to decide if we would like to work together. Contact me for more details or see my commissions page here. 

What are your postage costs?

The cost of first class UK mainland postage is included in the displayed prices. 

I do post to other countries - please message me for an up to date cost and to arrange. 

What are your dispatch times?

I will post all purchases within two working days of receiving cleared payment. Occasionally, I take time away and leave my shop open. These dates will always be displayed on my social media and all purchases will be posted within two working days of my return. 


How are you environmentally friendly?


This is extremely important to me - I strive to be as sustainable as possible in all aspects of my arts practice.


The textiles industry is not the most eco-friendly; it takes gallons of water and lots of energy to produce fabric. I've always used pre-loved fabrics in my work as far as is possible as this elevates the narrative and encourages me to think in a different way. I now actively promote the use of pre-loved fabrics and other materials in my workshops, encouraging participants to think how they can do this long term. I also teach visible mending workshops and how to upcycle and adjust clothing and other household textiles.


My packaging is made from recycled materials and they can be either recycled again or composted. The sleeves I use for greetings cards is bio-degradable.


Can I return artwork and other purchases to you?


I really hope that you're happy with your artwork and purchases. I do accept returns for artwork, prints and greetings cards that are brought online as long as they are returned in a saleable condition and haven't been used.


Embroidery kits can be returned as long as they have not been started or used in anyway. They must be returned in a saleable condition.


It is not possible to return instant workshops due to the nature of them.


Due to the bespoke nature of commissions and the conversations we have throughout the process, alongside signing off at set points it is not possible to return commissioned artwork.


Return 1st Class postage costs will be reimbursed if your purchase is faulty. If you have changed your mind then you are responsible for return postage.


Please see the returns policy for further information.


Can I read your policies?


Of course - here are the links to the terms and conditions, privacy, delivery and returns policy. Please ask if you have any questions.


Do you offer artist talks?


Unfortunately, at this moment in time this isn't something I am able to offer unless it is part of a full day workshop.


Do you take work experience students?


Sadly I don't take work experience students at this moment in time. I travel widely for my arts practice and more time is taken up with admin tasks than is imagined. These are not really interesting for students to watch and not something that can be delegated. I am happy to offer an insight into my working week for groups of students, please contact me to discuss this.

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