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Artist Statement

I am a textile artist narrating hidden stories and memories, protecting and honouring them through stitch. The relationships within the stories are explored, including those with the world around us. I create conceptual research-based work, looking for the quirky often overlooked facts.  


Materials are central to my work – it is essential that they further the narrative and expand the emotion behind the piece.  This often results in non-traditional textile materials being chosen. I often work with preloved or found items and take their history apart to reveal their story. During this process I reflect on the previous owners and their use of the item; these musings often affect the final outcome. 


Hand and free machine embroidery are used to create my artwork, often combined in the same piece. I select techniques that are relevant to the piece, and that will further the narrative. Hand embroidery creates a connection with the work. It enables me to reflect and develop the work further whilst it is progress. Free machine embroidery is more instantaneous, giving a different look to the finished work. Natural dyeing features in my work, making a connection to place and time. The processes chosen for this mean that the results will never be the same, which adds intrigue and excitement to my work. 

My artwork is created for both solo and group exhibitions as well as part of collaborations with other artists and creatives. I also work to commission.  

I teach workshops across the UK to groups as well as from my studio. Students are supported to create unique artwork, exploring and nurturing their creativity.  


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