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Dene Within a Dene

Dene Within a Dene

This collaboration was with Harry Man a poet and author from the North East. Harry and I had met at a previous event and wanted to explore each others working methods and respond to each others work in some way. 

We travelled to five Denes along the North East Coast; a Dene is a park or natural area with water running through it that leads to the sea. Whilst at the Dene we discussed different areas of our practice, our approaches to work and connections we make with others. We selected an area of each Dene to respond to and explored its history. The area was photographed within a large frame and it was the inside of this frame that we specifically focussed on. We went back to our studios to create individual work, met again to share the work we had created and responded to each other's work. 

This collaboration was an excellent way to learn more about different approaches to work, become more familiar with the history of the North East Denes and share this with our followers online through social media and a series of blogs which can be found here.

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