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Private Workshops

Private workshops are ideal to master a specific textile or embroidery technique or to learn a wider range of embroidery skills. They are completely focussed on what you would like to explore and learn, rather than following the preplanned content of a group workshop. 

Some people like to book private workshops to have support in designing or making a piece of artwork, whereas others like to book to become more proficient in a style of embroidery. 

Working on a one to one basis enables you to receive full support and guidance as you need it as well as to discuss the next steps to take, learn more about the embroidery style or to begin to develop your own unique signature style. 

Private workshops can cover all types of hand embroidery, free motion embroidery, designing skills and processes or textile techniques such as exploring texture in textiles or using non traditional textile materials such as paper, wood, found items and metal for embroidery. Materials are all provided, though you are also more than welcome to use your own too. 

Private workshops can last for a few hours, a whole day or be over several sessions. I am very happy to travel across the UK to teach private workshops, or I can book space in Saltburn by the Sea for your workshop; I work with a range of spaces locally. I also hold private workshops online. 

These workshops make an excellent gift for creative people - if you would like to book workshops for a gift I can provide a beautiful hand written gift card, in a box to ensure that the recipient has something to open on their special day. They can then contact me to arrange their private workshops. To arrange this contact me using the button below. 

Costs of private workshops are dependent on the materials used, the distance to travel and if a space need to be booked. They start at £30 per hour with a minimum booking of an hour. If a longer series of private workshops are booked (minimum of 4 sessions) the cost per hour will be reduced. My cancellation policy applies to private workshops.


To book your private workshops or to learn more fill the form below and share a little detail with me about your ideas. If you prefer you can email I look forward to hearing about your project. 

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