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Once I've received your email or completed enquiry form, I'll be in touch to arrange a no obligation discovery call. This can be on the phone, online video call or email, whichever is your preferred choice. During this informal call, we discuss colours, sizes, style, budget, time frames and any ideas you have for your artwork - don't worry if you're not sure on any of this, I'm here to help and guide. After this conversation I'll send you some initial basic sketches and ideas for you to approve or ask me to alter. These are sent without any obligation to commission me. I can create small samples if you would like me to, though there will be an additional cost for this. 

Commissioned artwork can be wall art, more sculptural artwork or installation and can be created using hand embroidery, free motion embroidery or a combination of both. It's a very flexible process. 

Are you looking for that extra special piece of artwork for yourself or a loved one? Perhaps to tell a story, cherish a memory or celebrate a life event - a wedding, birth, retirement - or to add a perfect finishing touch to a room. Whatever the reason you're looking for a bespoke piece of textile art, commissioning me to create that for you is very straightforward. 

It all begins with a short email or enquiry from you to get things started. I'm the only person involved in the whole enquiry, designing and creating of your artwork, making this a simple and easy process for you. 

There are those people who we buy special gifts for that would hugely appreciate a bespoke piece of artwork to commemorate a life event or to tell a story that is special to them. If this is someone you know and you would like to commission a piece of artwork for them but have no idea of exactly what they would like, I offer a commission gifting service. It works similar to a gift voucher; you purchase the commission in advance and the recipient receives a beautiful boxed commission voucher to open on their special day. They then work with me through the commissioning process to receive their own, unique and bespoke piece of textile art. This works especially well if a group of people are buying a gift between them, for example a wedding or new baby gift. 

Learn more about how Felicity's memories are now a cherished piece of textile art here.

When you're happy to go ahead I create the final, more indepth sketches complete with colour choices and textile techniques that will be used. Once you're happy with these, 50% of the total amount is payable and I begin work creating your bespoke artwork in my studio. I can send you work in progress photos if you would like, or you can leave it as a surprise until the end. 

When your artwork is complete I contact you to arrange payment of the balance and delivery or collection of your new piece. Any artwork that is to be posted will be packaged very carefully to ensure it arrives with you in pristine condition. You then get to enjoy your textile artwork for many years to come.

Commission prices begin at £2000, which is for a smaller piece of wall art using free motion embroidery and includes the designs, all conversations and creation of the work. 

To arrange a no obligation discovery conversation with me use the form to the right or email me at I look forward to hearing your ideas.

Time frames for commissioned artwork vary a lot depending on the size of the work and the exact techniques you select. Free motion embroidery, for example, is much quicker then hand embroidery. Dyeing fabrics add time to the process, whereas if you have fabrics you would like to be used then this is a shorter process. I'll always be clear on how long it will take me to create your artwork from the beginning of the commissioning process. If you need the work to be completed for a specific date then I can work with you to suggest styles and techniques that will enable this to happen. It is advisable to get in touch with me as early as possible to ensure that I have space in my studio diary. As an overall average, it takes a minimum of a month to produce a piece of bespoke artwork for you. 

The costs of a commission vary and this depends on the size of the artwork, the materials used, techniques used, who is arranging framing or display of the completed artwork, if you are collecting your artwork and other factors besides. Once we have agreed a price it will not change unless you ask for alterations further down the process. 50% of the total fee will be payable when you confirm you would like the commission to go ahead, with the remaining balance payable when the work is complete and prior to me arranging delivery.  

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