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As an educator, I am passionate about not only sharing embroidery and textile skills but also nourishing and building creative confidence. I design and teach inspiring workshops that enable you to explore new skills, find your own style and artistic voice whilst creating a beautiful and unique piece of textile art. Workshops are inspiring, informative, supportive and have a relaxed feeling - a perfect escape from the real world for a time. 

All of my workshops support you to make a piece of individual embroidered artwork rather than a replica of mine - this builds and develops creative confidence and gives a huge feeling of satisfaction; and after all who needs hundreds of the same pieces of art in the world! It may sound daunting to be asked to create something unique; however I support and guide you every step of the way and workshop participants really surprise themselves with what they are able to design and create.

Workshops are kept to a small number of participants to ensure that everyone receives lots of individual attention and support. Textiles can be a slow process, especially hand embroidery, therefore you may not complete your chosen artwork during the workshop. You will leave with the knowledge and skills to complete this at home afterwards and you're welcome to take all of the materials you will need with you. I would much rather you created the artwork you want to than rush to complete it during the workshop. 

Whether you come along to have fun and be creative for a short time, to more seriously develop your artistic skills, to meet like minded people or come along with friends you are all very welcome. I look forward to meeting you. 


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