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Watch This Space

Watch This Space

Watch This Space was a fascinating residency, in which four artists were given a residency in an unusual venue, that you wouldn't expect to find an artist in. My residency was in On Trend Boutique, a ladies clothes shop near the canal in Skipton. We were to respond to our environment; what we heard, saw and felt.


I decided to embroider my responses on to a toile, which is a simple mock up made to check the fit of a garment before using more expensive fabric. Toiles are widely used in dressmaking and the clothing industry, making this a very appropriate piece of art to create. I sat in the clothes shop adding embroidered responses to things I heard and saw, reflecting on patterns and colours around me and the conversations people had.


Most customers were surprised to see an artist in the clothes shop and it lead to many conversations about art in unusual places, how hand embroidery is very accessible and some people even had a quick try at some hand embroidery. Overall this residency raised the profile of both the businesses and artists involved as well as bringing art to those people who otherwise wouldn't connect with it.


This residency was made popular by Great Lakes and Dales. Image taken by Juliet Klottrup.

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