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From childhood I have always enjoyed and thrived on making and creating art, although it was only as an adult that I chose to pursue a career as a textile artist.  

Art was not a subject I was encouraged to pursue whilst at school. Like many people, I found lessons intimidating and felt like a failure when unable to perfectly replicate the art shown to us. Whilst taking a break from my career in childhood education I enrolled on a short textile art course, and with the wonderful encouragement and support from the tutor I began to believe in myself as an artist which led me to take a level 3 City and Guilds in Textile Art. It is this experience that forms the basis of my workshops, in which students are encouraged to believe in themselves, create work that is unique to them, explore their creativity alongside learning new skills.  

The process of creating something meaningful from a variety of materials intrigues me, leaving me wanting to explore further and push boundaries of the materials I use. I am continuously drawn to textiles and textile techniques; the very act of taking thread and making an image or representation from this everyday item that is often viewed as functional is, to me, exciting and unexpected at times. I love the tactile nature of textiles and combining them with other materials to create something new and unusual.  

My artwork is research based, with the little known, quirky and often overlooked facts drawn out and embedded into the piece. My work is inspired by people and relationships, often focussing on memories of times together and places visited. I enjoy creating pieces of conceptual work that contain a narrative, with the use of fabric and materials central to the work. I use the materials to convey the story or feeling behind the work – it is essential to me that the materials used are there for a purpose and further enrich the piece. I like to encourage the viewer to reflect and consider the subject matter a little more than perhaps they would have.  

I hold a City and Guilds Level 3 in Textile Art, a Level 3 Award in Education and Training. I have also completed Creative Practitioner Training when working with socially disenfranchised communities.  

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As part of Diverse Threads Textile Group my work is regularly exhibited across the North East. I have held solo exhibitions, most recently at Tudor House Museum, exploring and narrating the vast history and uses of the building. Each year I exhibit at the Staithes Arts Festival, Artwaves in Bridlington and selection of other art events.  I am represented by Strong Seas Gallery Whitby, Articentric CIC and my work can also be found at the Staithes Arts and Crafts Centre.  

I live and work in Saltburn, a small town on the North East Coast of England, although I am originally from the Midlands. The landscape around me – the sea, moors and ancient woodland – is influential in my work. I enjoy being outdoors, experiencing this variety of landscape I am lucky enough to live in.  


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