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Image taken by  Juliet Klottrup

Louise Goult is a British textile artist who creates conceptual, research-based textile artwork from her studio in Saltburn by the Sea. Over the last 8 years, Louise has exhibited both in solo and group exhibitions, taken several arts residencies, artist collaborations and worked with a variety of community groups.


Louise's work narrates hidden stories and memories, honouring and protecting them through stitch. Relationships with others and the world around us are explored, capturing snapshots of time and considering quirky often overlooked facts.


Materials are central to Louise's work; it is essential to her that they both further the narrative and story behind the piece. To that end, non-traditional textile materials are often selected combining them with more traditional textile elements including both hand and free machine embroidery. Louise explores the boundaries of these materials and creates predominantly using pre-loved materials and fabrics. She enjoys combining textile techniques with other arts and uses natural dyeing and printing within her work.

Image left taken by Juliet Klottrup

Aside from textiles, Louise's other love is history - particularly historical embroidery. She occasionally creates embroidered artwork using historically accurate techniques, often with a contemporary twist. 

Louise is passionate about sharing arts skills and specialises in co-creative community arts events working with groups to share their voices and creating bespoke outcomes. She holds a City and Guilds Level 3 in Textile Art, a Level 3 Award in Education and Training. She has also completed Creative Practitioner Training when working with socially disenfranchised communities. 

Louise is inspired by working with others to learn about different art forms, ways of working and meeting new people. She collaborates with other artists covering a range of projects; one of these collaborations with poet Harry Man, A Dene within a Dene can be seen here.


Residencies form a part of Louise's arts practice and she particularly likes those that encompass art creation in places and situations you would not expect to find an artist. These often lead to unexpected inspirations and conversations. Most recently, Louise was artist in residence in a clothes shop; more information about this residency and others can be found here.

When not working, Louise enjoys exploring her local area, reading and spending time with her family. Louise has always been a creative person, selecting arts as a secondary career after working extensively in early childhood. 

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