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Cascading Wave, a hand stitched innovative textile art sculpture, evoking memories of cherished times by the sea. The dark, grey-blue and white silk fibres have been carefully combined to create those colours found when the tide is coming in to the shore. The silk fibres have been carefully sculpted to reflect waves swelling up and cascading over one another. Swirling lines of hand embroidery have been worked across the silk paper, creating the shapes and patterns made by the ebbing and flowing of the tide. The silk paper and hand embroidery combine to create a piece of tactile artwork full of raised and smooth elements.


The sea is made up of tiny droplets of water; alone they are weak and unassuming, yet combined together to make up the vast sea they are strong and awe-inspiring. Silk fibres were chosen to create this work as they reference this exceptionally well. Each individual silk fibre is similar to the hair on your head; very fine and prone to breakage; yet combined in this way they are surprisingly strong.


Silk paper artwork

Evokes cherished memories of the sea and beach

Textile art sculpture

Unique artwork

Hand Embroidered



Cascading Wave is for those who have cherished memories of the beach and would love to have a piece of the sea in their home. It is perfect as a memento of a special holiday or honeymoon or as a birthday or anniversary gift for those who adore the beach. Placed in your home it will not only evoke memories, but also be an excellent conversational piece of art due to the unusual nature of the work.


Cascading Wave is a unique piece of silk paper artwork; due to the techniques and combination of materials used it is impossible to create another piece of work the same. It is designed to be free standing, place on a shelf or in a display cabinet. At the widest points Cascading Waves measures 28 x 23 centimetres and is 3 centimetres high.


Cascading Wave will be carefully packaged to arrive in perfect condition, collection from Saltburn by the Sea or events I am attending is welcomed. For more information about the packaging of textile artwork or advice on how to care for textile artwork please see the frequently asked questions page here. First class postage to the UK mainland is included in the cost of all artwork. For delivery to other areas please contact me for a postage cost.


Part of the Coastal Memories Collection, there are other complementary pieces of artwork available here.

Cascading Wave

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