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Inequalities of Gloving is a conceptual artwork contrasting the Victorian era lives of those who were glovers and those who wore the gloves they made. The floral embroidery and swirling stems embroidered in precious silk threads on a base of silk fabric is in stark contrast to the tattered, torn and worn fabrics on the other side of the gloves, perfectly referencing those differences.


- Contemporary and conceptual textile art

- Hand embroidered using silk threads

- Floral Embroidery

- Contrasting lives of Victorian women

- Historical influence with modern twist

- Displayed in a glove box


During the Victorian era gloving was a rapidly growing trade - upper class people wore gloves with the materials and embroidery on the gloves being a symbol of wealth and status. Those who made the gloves, primarily women, lived in abstract poverty, with extremely low wages and little way out - the trade was learnt as a young girl and they knew nothing else. The two very different lifestyles are referenced on these gloves - the intricate silk embroidery on the luxurious smooth silk, using stitches popular during Victorian times in comparison to the worn underside of the gloves.


The gloves are created from an original gloving pattern; they are not wearable and constructed as flat pieces of artwork to be displayed in the included glove box. One side of each glove shares the wealth of the upper class and the other side of each gloves refers to the poverty of glovers.


Inequalities of Gloving is for those who enjoy artwork that is historically inspired with a contemporary twist, that delivers a talking point for people and that tackles some of the lesser known areas of history. A piece of statement artwork that can be displayed in any room, designed for a cabinet or shelf, the glove box measures 32 x 13 centimetres approximately with each glove measuring 30 x 14 centimetres at the longest point. An ideal artwork to complete a room, as a gift for history lovers or for those who strive for social justice.


Part of the Heritage Reimagined collection; there are other complementary pieces here.


Inequalities of Gloving will be packaged carefully to arrive in perfect condition; collection from Saltburn by the Sea or events I am attending is welcomed. First class postage to the UK mainland is included in the cost of all artwork. For delivery to other areas please contact me for a postage cost. For more information about the packaging of textile artwork or advice on how to care for textile artwork please see the frequently asked questions page here.

Inequalities of Gloving

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