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Free Machine Embroidery; The Basics online instant workshop alongwith a carefully selected luxury set making an idea gift for a creative or yourself. This set gives you so much more to really elevate your free machine embroidery skills. The instant workshop, combined with one to one lesson and accessories will give you the perfect start to your free machine embroidery journey. 


This workshop will guide you to create a piece of your own free machine embroidered artwork that is unique to you. It will give you the understanding of how to create different effects with your sewing machine and most importantly build your confidence. Although this workshop teaches the basics of free machine embroidery, you do need to know how to thread your sewing machine and fill a bobbin. This will be covered in your manual.


Using the guidance you'll learn how to use your sewing machine for free machine embroidery - the art of drawing and mark making with your sewing machine. You will learn what equipment and accessories are needed for free machine embroidery and why we use them before going through a series of activities designed to teach you the basics of free machine embroidery. The workshop will teach you how to transfer designs to fabric effectively along with lots of hints and tips along the way.


You will need:


- Sewing machine and foot pedal

- Free machine embroidery foot

- Plate to cover the feed dogs unless they drop

- Threads

- Hoop

- Fabric

- Embroidery scissors

- Sewing machine needles - they are quite liable to break while you're still learning!

- Your choice of fabric pen (optional)

- Tissue paper - white

- Pen or pencil


These instant workshops are PDF downloads that you can work on anytime, anywhere at your own pace. They are perfect gifts for creatives or yourself, especially if you find it hard to get to in person workshops. The workshop is yours to keep to refer back to time and time again, developing new skills and creating different textile artwork.


They are based on my in-person workshops, full of creativity and boosting your confidence through making art that is uniquely yours. There's lots of hints and tips in the workshop and if you need any further guidance you can always contact me.


See here for frequently asked questions.


The one to one hour long online lesson is the perfect way to dive into free machine embroidery, with the focus on what you would like to learn. This could be from fabric selection, to ideas for new work to using different techqniques. Kindly please note that this lesson is for working on the free machine embroidery workshop and not other projects. 


These exclusive coasters designed by Louise Goult are perfect for that necessary tea or coffee when being creative! They are laser etched onto beautiful wood in my studio, before being sealed and a cork back applied to protect your surfaces.


The accessories consist of an 8 inch wooden embroidery hoop, just the right size for sewing machines and essential to keep the fabric taught. A pack of 5 assorted sewing machine needles, a pair of snips and three square of cotton fabric each one 50 x 50 cm. The fabric colours will vary and may not be those shown. 


The luxury set will be beautifully packaged and sent via first class post; the postage is included in the cost of the set. A hand written note can be included and the set posted directly to the recipient if you would prefer. Leave a note at the checkout with you choice of message. 


Please leave a note at checkout with your choice of coaster. If none are stated a random selection will be made for you. Online lessons are arranged at a mutually convienient time and you don't need any special equipment. Send a message to arrange your lesson through the contact page. 

Free Machine Embroidery The Basics online instant textile workshop Luxury Set

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