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This workshop along with the one to one online lesson will guide you to create your own piece of Boro embroidery that is unique to you. Using the guidance you'll learn about Boro, how to select and layer fabrics as well as possible uses for your artwork.


Boro embroidery comes from the Japanese term boroboro meaning something that is torn, repaired or tattered. It is a technique used to repair, strengthen and lengthen the life of all sorts of textiles from clothing to bedding and anything in between.


You will need


- small pieces of fabrics; you may like to use pre-loved fabrics in keeping with the Boro tradition

- a base piece of fabric

- threads

- needle

- scissors

- pins


These instant workshops are PDF downloads that you can work on anytime, anywhere at your own pace. They are perfect gifts for creatives or yourself, especially if you find it hard to get to in person workshops. The workshop is yours to keep to refer back to time and time again, developing new skills and creating different textile artwork.


They are based on my in-person workshops, full of creativity and boosting your confidence through making art that is uniquely yours. There's lots of hints and tips in the workshop and if you need any further guidance you can always contact me.


See here for frequently asked questions.



One to One online lesson - this hour length workshop is to provide extra in-depth guidance when creating your Boro embroidery and is an excellent way to elevate your artwork to the next level. Once paid for please send a message to arrange your workshop. The hour is only for working on the Boro embroidery and is the ideal opportunity to delve deeper into what you would like to do, explore the background behind Boro as well as plan for future Boro textile art. 

Boro Hand Embroidery Online Instant Textile workshop & online 1:1

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