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Protecting and Preserving beautiful childhood memories in stitch

I first met Felicity when I was at a local art gallery. She was really drawn to the way silk fibres had been used in a piece of work along with hand embroidered writing. We got chatting about my inspirations being memories and stories and shared a couple of childhood memories - it seems our childhoods were quite similar. 

A few months later Felicity got in touch as she had moved and re-discovered some pressed flowers she had done as a young child with her aunt and wanted some way of displaying these rather than have them in a box or drawer hidden away. Sadly, her aunt had passed away and Felicity wanted some sort of reminder of their times together. 

Felicity came to my studio and we looked at the flowers together and discussed the memories she would like to share and protect with this work as well as the more practical side of creating artwork including the size space she had available, colour palette and budget. Felicity wanted incorporate a saying her aunt often used - 'simple things are free.' She was also slightly anxious about the flowers becoming damaged or torn as well as wanting to know how I would look after them during their time with me. We selected to use silk fibres in a way that had no adhesive involved - partly to ensure the flowers were protected and partly because this was the style of work Felicity had been drawn to originally. 

Original Inspiration Artwork

After our meeting I sent Felicity a choice of two initial designs and asked for her feedback. She was drawn to one of the designs and after tweaking the colours to work with her new decor I sent a final in depth design for approval. Felicity gave the go ahead and chose to keep the end result as a surprise, so I didn't send any work in progress photos, instead keeping these to give her when the artwork was complete. 

Once completed Felicity came to collect her work and was quite emotional upon seeing it. The artwork brought together so many memories of her aunt and their times together. Felicity was delighted with her artwork and it now sits on a shelf in her new home with other ornaments belonging to her aunt. 

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