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What are these instant online embroidery and textile workshops?

  • These workshops are comprehensive PDF guides designed to help you create your own unique textile art through embroidery and other textile techniques. The guidance is full of easy to read instructions, hints, tips and colour images.


Who are these workshops intended for?

  • These workshops are suitable for people of all levels, from beginners to experienced artists. They provide step-by-step instructions and inspiration for anyone interested in textile art.

How can I purchase and download the workshops?

  • You can purchase and download the workshops directly from my website. After payment, you will receive a link to download the PDF files. The link is valid for 30 days, so it's recommended that you save the PDF to your device, laptop or computer. If you loose the link or forget to save your file just send me an email with your order number and I can resend the PDF to you.

What materials and tools do I need to complete the workshops?

  • Each workshop listing will provide a list of materials and tools required for that specific project. You can see these before you buy the workshop. These typically include fabric, threads, needles, and any additional embellishments. All materials and accessories required are most likely in your stash or very easy to find locally or online.

Can I use my own materials if I have them, or do I need to purchase a specific kit?

  • These workshops are designed for you to use up your stash! They don't need any specialist materials or accessories. Using your own materials makes the artwork more unique to you. Some of the workshops have the option of adding a kit at a small additional cost - these are intended to make the workshop an extra special gift or for those who are new to embroidery and don't have any fabrics etc. They are not a necessary purchase to complete the workshop.

Do I need any prior experience in embroidery or textile art to participate?

  • No, these workshops are designed to be accessible for beginners with no prior experience. They include detailed instructions and tips to help you get started.

Can I access the workshops on any device?

  • Yes, you can download and view the workshops on any device that supports PDF files, including computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Is there a time limit for completing the workshops?

  • No, there is no time limit. You can work on the workshops at your own pace and revisit them as needed. You can use the workshops as many times as you would like to, for personal use. It's often very valuable to complete the workshops more than once as you will naturally build on the skills you learnt previously.

Do I get support if I have questions or encounter issues while working on a workshop?

  • Of course! If you need any help or guidance please feel free to email me on or message me through my website. There's also my Facebook group you can join for inspiration, to share your work and to ask for guidance - you can find that here.

Can I share the downloaded workshops with others?

  • Each workshop purchase is for personal use only. Sharing the PDF files with others is not allowed. If your friends or family are interested, encourage them to purchase their own copies.

Are there any copyright restrictions on the finished textile art created in the workshops?

  • The copyright for the workshop content and instructions belongs to Louise Goult, but you retain full ownership of the textile art you create. Creating workshops takes many hours and I ask that you contact me first if you are considering selling work made from these workshops so that we can discuss it. As a minimum I would expect to be credited as the owner/author of the workshop that you made work from.


If you have any more questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me through the website or email

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