Prestigious Tudor Crewelwork

Prestigious Tudor Crewelwork

Prestigious Tudor Crewelwork is a beginners kit inspired by the sumptious dress and rich colours of the Tudor era. Crewelwork is embroidery with wool and was extremely popular during these times; adorning a huge variety of surfaces and home furinishings. 

Crewelwork is a fascinating and relaxing embroidery technique; perfect as an introduction to the world of embroidery and textile art. 

This kit contains all you will need, except for embroidery scissors, and includes high quality twill fabric with the design printed on, crewelwool threads, hoop, needle and full instructions, hints, tips and guidance. 

The range of beginner embroidery kits will help you to get started on your embroidery journey – not only do they teach you how to work the basic stitches you will need, but also how to create a piece of artwork that is as unique as you are. 

Take some time for yourself, to discover and learn new embroidery skills through exploring these kits and developing your own unique creative style. 

The design is printed on to the fabric for you, but which stitches you place where and the choice of colour and thread to use for each stitch is entirely down to you.  While the purpose of the kit is to encourage you to make a unique textile artwork unlike any other, there will be all the instruction, guidance and support you need to take you from kit to your final piece - I’ll even show you how to thread a needle!