Art Nouveau Spring Flowers Make It Your Own Embroidery Kit (Advanced)

Art Nouveau Spring Flowers Make It Your Own Embroidery Kit (Advanced)

Art Nouveau Spring Flowers is inspired by the beautiful Art Nouveau fireplace tiles I discovered in our home. The Art Nouveau artwork, especially the natural element and whiplash curves have long fascinated me and both of these feature in this kit. The elegant curved lines, alongside brightly coloured flowers will make a stunning feature in any home. 


This kit contains all you will need to complete the design, except for embroidery scissors and a pencil or preferred transfer pen. Included is the design printed on to high quality cotton fabric, needles, embroidery hoop, a variety of different threads and hints, tips, instructions and guidance.  


Advanced kits are designed to elevate your textile art embroidery to a higher level, giving you further choice over some of the elements to include. In this kit the choice of flower head is yours to make from the two options included. The design, except the flowers heads, is printed on the fabric for you; simply choice your favourite flower head to transfer to the fabric from the easy to use templates provided. This may sound daunting, but the process is very basic and there are full instructions on how to choose and transfer the design over to the fabric. Once again the choice over which thread, stitch and colours to use is yours to make. 


In this advanced kit new and slightly more difficult to use threads are included and higher level stitches are introduced - all supported with full instructions and guidance on how to get the best fout of them for your work.