Make It Your Own Embroidery Kits

Make It Your Own hand embroidery kits are created for you based upon the strong belief that nurturing individual creativity is fundamental to wellbeing and that art should be celebrated for being unique rather than a copy of another artist's work.   

My embroidery kits are different to most on the market – they do not encourage you to simply repeat what is on the outside of the box; they inspire you to unleash your creativity and to take time to escape from the real world for a time and to learn something new, whilst exploring your own creativity. 

As a tutor and artist I am a strong believer in enabling my students to find their own style, encouraging students to create textile artwork that is unique as they are whilst providing support and guidance to explore and learn new skills. I have distilled this experience into a range of kits that you can immerse yourself into, anytime and anywhere.  

Each embroidery kit comes with all of the materials you will need (with the exception of scissors and a pencil) although you may like to add some of those special fabrics and threads you already have to further the unique quality of the finished artwork. Instructions, guidance and suggestions are all included to inspire the creation of your textile artwork. All materials are of the highest quality making for a relaxing, creative embroidery experience.   

There is an exclusive Facebook group to join for those people who are completing these embroidery kits or who have attended an in-person workshop.  This is a lovely way of joining a community of like-minded people, being inspired and to gain support with your kit should you need it.